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11 tips for cleaning and healthy dishes

11 tips for cleaning and healthy dishes


How can I wash dishes clean and healthy?Today the rich bath ball small make up small make up to share 11 wash dish small doohickey, practical and convenient!

Do the dishes by washing the dishes with salt

Rub the bowl wall with salt. It's easy to rub the stains off the bowl and rinse them with water.The dishes are very clean and environmentally friendly.The same method can not only clean the bowl, but also can use this method to try the cup.

Tip 2, wash the dishes and add lemon peel

Add a few slices of lemon peel in the wash bowl to remove all the odors from the dishes.If you have too much oil on your plate, use lemon peel to wipe off the oil.This method washes the dishes half of the water of the dishwashing detergent and does not produce contaminants.The dishes were bright and fresh, and they smelt fresh.

Tip 3, wash dishes can be used to find rice water

Washing rice water is often treated as "sewage", in fact, it is very useful to wash rice water, washing bowls of rice washing water not only to oil pollution, but also health security, the opponent also did not harm.The tragic fate that was to be dumped before being dumped in the water was rewritten and now turned into a treasure.

Tip 4. Spoon the flour in the water

Add a spoonful of flour to wash the water, use the adsorption ability of the flour granules to remove the oil, then rinse off with water.

5. Sorting and sorting

When you wash the dishes, you feel very tired and put all the bowls in the sink. The bowl will turn into a mess, and the time and energy will be doubled.So washing dishes can be very simple depending on the type and use of the bowl.Like cups and cups and bowls with oil.A small habit can save time and energy, so try it today.

Tip 6. Wash in flowing water

Wash the bowl with detergent and rinse thoroughly under water.The pot must be washed and rinsed with hands, the residue of the detergent will not be left, so please remember.

Tip 7, the detergent should be used in moderation

Is not to say that use a lot of detergent, wash the stains will more easily, if using too much detergent, it will only waste more water, boiler bowl will leave detergent residues at the same time.Please use detergent in moderation.It is also best to use environmentally friendly kitchen detergents to reduce environmental pollution.

The dishes are in order, too

Washing dishes also has a sequence, because only washing dishes in the right order can save the detergent and water effectively, so make sure you write down.Cup or plate and other glass bowls -> chopsticks, spoon-> oil bowl or soup bowl -> with oily plates

The cooking pot should soak first

If the food in the pan is burnt, put it in some warm water to soak it, then wash it in other POTS and then scrub it.If you don't get rid of anything like that, then use a scoop of baking soda and boil it in the water to clean it.

The first step is to remove the pan oil

If you put the oil pan into the sink, then the other bowls will also be greasy, and it will be hard to erase and waste the detergent and water.So the oil on the pan must be cleaned with the kitchen paper.

Tip 11. Use FENGRUN washing sponge to wash bowl wipe

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