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80% of the people wash faces wrong, read the correct way to wash faces

Do you wash your face?Some people ask, wash face everyday from childhood, this still use teach?According to the street survey of women, more than 80 percent of the people were either wrong or careless.Actually, black head, blain blain and so on skin problem all and face washing method incorrect, wash not clean concerned.That is, using expensive cosmetics, if the operation is wrong, the same can't be done to clean the cosmetic.So, how to wash a face is correct?Here are the six steps of washing your face:

Step 1: wet your face with warm water

The water temperature of your face is very important.Some people try to wash their face with cold water.Some people think of themselves as oily skin, and use hot water to clean up the oil.These are all wrong views, and the correct way is to use warm water.This can ensure that the pores are fully open, but not the natural moisturizing of the skin.

Step 2: make cleanser of cleanser

No matter what facial cleanser, quantity is unfavorable too much, area has coin size can.Before applying it to your face, you must first make sure that the cleanser is bubbly in your palm, and that this step is the most important step.Because, if cleanness of face cleanness is not sufficient foaming, not only can not reach cleanness effect, still can remain in pore inside cause whelk.Foam of course is the more the better, can use the tool that makes cleanser of cleanser of cleanser - rich and wet face ball, luxuriate the bubble net.This kind of product has a lot of mesh, with the aid of tension, can produce a lot of foam easily.

Step 3: massage gently 15 times

Apply the foam to your face and massage gently. Don't push too hard to avoid wrinkles.Massage around 15, allowing foam throughout the face.

Step 4: wash your cleanser

After massage with facial cleanser, can clean.There are some women who are afraid to wash and scrub with a towel, which is very bad for delicate skin.You should gently press your face with a wet towel, and after a few repetitions, you can remove the cleanser without harming your skin.

Step 5: check the hair

After cleaning, you may think that the process of washing your face has been completed, but it is not.It is also important to look in the mirror to see if there is any remaining cleanser around the hairline, which is often overlooked.Some women are prone to getting pimples around the hairline because they ignore it.

Step 6: wash 20 times with cold water

Finally, use both hands to lift the cold water to wash the face about 20, and also use the towel that dip in cool water to apply to the face gently.This will tighten the pores and promote the circulation of the facial blood.This completes the whole process of washing the face.

Follow the above procedures to wash your face, and then look in the mirror, and you will find that your face is very smooth and tender.For the first time, the person who has done so much is often excited to try again. But don't do it. Washing your face too often will dry your skin.

This meticulous washing method has many functions, such as wrinkling and whitening, but it requires long-term persistence to be effective.If you can wash your face in this way every day, you will find that your skin is slowly improving.


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