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Greasy rag cleaning tips

The cloth will become greasy, sticky and dirty after a period of time. How can you clean it?Here are a few tips for a rich bathing ball!

Water cooking

1. Add edible alkali

Edible alkali has very good degreasing effect, can effectively remove grease.Place the dishcloth in a pot, add water to the pot, boil it and add it to the base. Stir it to dissolve it fully. Cook it for about five minutes and then remove it.

Tip: if you have mildew on a cloth, and wash it in light alkaline water, you can remove it.

2. Eggshell

The egg whites will remain in the shell, while the egg whites contain alkali substances which can be hydrolyzed with oil pollution to achieve the purpose of decontamination.Put the cloth in the pan, add the egg shell and water, boil the fire, cook for about 6 minutes, then remove and wash.

3. Lemon water

Lemons contain volatile oils, and during the heating process, the volatile oil will evaporate quickly and quickly dissolve oil stains.When cleaning the dishcloth, lemon juice can't be too little, so you can squeeze out the lemon juice, soak the dishcloth, boil it in the pot, and then scoop it out.

4. Soapy water

It is easy to feel sticky and sticky.It can be effectively removed with soap and water.Put the cloth in the pan, add the soapy water to boil, then remove the rub, and dry in the sun.

Warm tips:

The dishcloth should be dried or dried in time after cleaning, and the dry cleaning cloth will not breed bacteria easily.It is best to be exposed to the sun, sterilization and odor to ensure the use of hygiene.

Steps of kitchen dishwashing cleaning:

1. Clean and clean

After each use of the dishcloth, must wash clean, and wring dry to dry.

2. Boil boiling water

Put water in the pan, boil it, put it in the cloth, boil it for five minutes, then wash it with clean water.

3. Soak the disinfectant

If the cloth of the kitchen, it is with a boil disinfected directly, but if used for cloth to wipe the windowsill, only every other two days with disinfectant soaking, immerse 15 minutes after normal wash and dry.

4. Sun exposure

Whether where clean dishcloth, must be a day in the sun insolates, is also the best disinfection way is in the sun, with no side effects after clean dishcloth, plenty of time in the sun exposure, can effectively remove the peculiar smell in rags, and to "kill" of bacteria.

Cleaning and cleaning techniques

The dishcloth should basically maintain its due softness, cleanliness, cannot be hardened, and should not have the mucous feeling, especially should not appear obvious not clean imprint.It is suggested that people should consider the cleanliness of the cloth to decide whether or not to replace it, and try to change it in two or three months.Especially the dishcloth that contacts tableware more frequently, should be in a week or so, the boiling water that adds a few alkali is boiled, the time is generally not less than 5 minutes.

After each use, rinse thoroughly with detergent and rinse thoroughly.After cleaning the dishcloth, in addition to the sun exposure to sterilization, can also soak into a home microwave oven, with high fire for two to three minutes of microwave disinfection.If you have high hygiene requirements, you can use chlorine disinfectant for about 250 milligrams per liter of water and soak for more than 30 minutes.

It is recommended that you select the appropriate material for the cloth.For example, in addition to the special cleaning dishcloth sold by the supermarket, the dish cloth can also choose the traditional towel gourd, which can be decontamination and environmental protection.Other USES of dishcloth can choose the material such as pure cotton, unspun, now have a disposable paper towel although convenient, but inevitably produce certain waste.

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