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How to use the safety mask and pay attention to what?

Polyester Mask Sponge / black air pollution proof mask sponge is made of high quality eco-friendly and high tensile strength sponge. Soft and uneasy to deform. Good filtration and good air permeability.

Follow this steps to use the safety anti pollution mask:

1Determine the upper and lower parts and open it.

2Wear our mask.

3Press the mask to make it fit with the face.

Matters needing attention:

1.Non disposable mask, can be washed 3-8 times.

2.Not applicable to hazardous dust or gas leakage.

3.If u feel skin discomfort,please stop using it immediatelt.

4.Avoid being placed in high temperature,high humidity or direct.

5.Wearing glasses may produce fog, please pay attention to safety by driving.

6.The mask will be sterilized before leaving the factory. The initial use may have a slight order of disinfectant water. It is suggested that the order can be eliminated by putting it in the ventilating place or gently kneading it with clean water. Do not recommend powder or detergent.

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