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Kitchen cleaning brilliant collection

The rich bath ball shares super strong kitchen cleaning skills, can make you become "lucky" immediately, quickly learn!

The stain in the cup won't go away?

Simple!Squeeze the right amount of toothpaste into a sponge and wipe it off!Because the tiny particles in the toothpaste can help rub dirt.

How to get rid of the smell of the sewer?

First, peel the pomelo skin, cut into small pieces, put it into a pot, pour in water, boil the fire, remove the grapefruit peel, and pour the water slowly into the drain.In addition to removing the odor from the sewer, regular use can remove the oil from daily accumulation in the inner wall of the sewer.In addition, the grapefruit peel, orange peel and orange peel of the home can use this method.

The metal tap is always dirty?

Peel the potatoes, wipe the side of the meat, and immediately restore the shine!

You can't get a crack in the plastic box?

Mix the disinfectant with water, with a 1:20 ratio, will need to "change the skin" plastic products put in, soak for two hours.Rinse with water again and again to be able, the effect is good without any corrosive effect, the water that soaked plastic frame can pour into closestool, still can have clean closestool role.

Does the towel smell?

The towel after washing clean hands into the water, and 5 grams of salt or drip 10 ml of vinegar, soak for 5 minutes, scrub clean with clear water again, hang to dry in ventilated dry place, conditional word in the sun exposure effect is best!

Does the rag stain?

The dishcloth is placed in a pot of clear water, then the eggshell is put in, the fire is boiled, the open cover lasts for 6 minutes, then remove, rinse with cool water and dry.

The refrigerator smells bad?

Put the toilet roll paper that we normally use in freezer in freezer, it can slowly absorb peculiar smell!Normally one month change is ok, change the roll paper with moisture, just be used to wipe the soup that falls on the table when eating, the oil stain on the kitchen floor tile, it is very good.

You can't clean the mess on the tableware?

Use a hairdryer to target the position of the label, the quality of the adhesive strips, easy to tear down.If, the surface still stained with sticky glue, use hand to tear off the label and stick on the glue, no glue will be label stick down several times, this method is suitable for high quality glue, if is bad, the effect is not ideal.

1. Pour the white vinegar on the sponge cloth. The amount of white vinegar can be soaked with a sponge.

2. Place the sponge with white vinegar on the label of the tableware, about 20 minutes.

3, use the sponge to rub the position of the label repeatedly until the label disappears.

4. Rinse the dishes with clean water after washing the labels.

Note: this method can be used to remove inferior and non-dry adhesive, which can be used with white vinegar or other vinegar.Sponge baijie must completely cover the label, and the amount of vinegar is not too small.If the label cannot be easily wiped after 20 minutes, it needs to be covered for a while longer.

Is the chopping board hard to clean?

Clean the board with detergent and water first, then sprinkle a spoonful of salt on the chopping board. After dipping a little water into a sponge cloth, wipe the surface of the chopping board repeatedly and rinse it with cold water.Then pour the white vinegar and water into the spray bottle with a 1:2 ratio. Spray on the surface of the chopping board and then place it in a ventilated place.

Do you have a clean smoker box?

Scrape off most of the oil stains with a scraper, then cook hot water, throw the whole oil box in hot water for three minutes and then remove it, and a little baking soda will remove it easily.

1. Pour a layer of dishwashing liquid into a clean oil fume box, and the amount of detergent used is about 1/3 of that of a lampblack box.

2. Use a finger that has a dishwashing liquid, and then apply it to a lampblack machine.

Note: detergent in a plastic box, produces the isolation effect, in this way, waste oil drips from the lampblack machine, don't stubborn greasy in the plastic box (especially the corner or crevice), making it difficult to clean.

The quantity of dishwashing liquid should not be too little, and the four sides of lampblack machine box must be besmeared clean essence, this is easier to clean oily oil when cleaning.Do not use water to replace detergent, because water will evaporate, but detergent will not.Every time you clean the oil fume machine box, pour into the detergent, otherwise, you can't clean the oil in the box directly.

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