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The small clever use of old rub towel

The rubbing towel can remove the dirt from the body, there are other tips.Below the abundant bath ball small make up to share the few clever USES of rub Bath Towel.

1. Remove oil stains

The grease that is sticky on the lampblack machine, the vegetable soup that is solidified on the table is besmirch, it is very laborious to wipe with cloth only.Try using a scrub towel to dry the flour, wrapping it in the oil, and then rinse it off with water.Because the texture of the surface of the rubbing towel is helpful for scraping the stain, the flour can absorb oil.

Shoeshine 2.

Worn rub zao towel, its upside down, inside the cotton lining Lou in the outside, when the brush after shoes, shoe set it on the hand, hand polished not dirty, also can wipe shoes aggradation, effect is good.Because of concave convex texture, wipe the shoe cleaner!

3. Wash the clothes

The down jacket can't be washed with a washing machine. It can only be rubbed with hands. It can't be used too much to be able to knead the villi in it.But not hard, especially dirty places are not clean.At this time use the rub towel to wash, very good make, do not have the effort, also wash quickly and clean!


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