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What do you know about power puff?

What do you know about power puff?


Powders are a kind of cosmetic tool, powder and powder cake boxes contain powders, mostly cotton and velvet materials, to be used for foundation and makeup.According to different types of powders, it mainly has the following functions: sponge powder is suitable for wet water use, easy to push the liquid foundation evenly.The triangular shape is easy to apply to the corners of the eyes and nose.Wet and dry powders are generally round or rectangular, and can be applied to the face, whether wet or not.Whether it's a sponge puff or a wet and dry powder puff, it's better to have a moderate softness.

Powder classification

The commonly used powders are divided into wet powders and dry powders.

Wet powder puff

Also called sponge puff

Makeup function - for applying foundation, it can be applied to the detail of the face evenly.

Types - there are circles, rhomboids, triangles and rectangles in the market.

A round powder - large area, good hand feeling, suitable for large area, such as whole face, body powder.It is especially suitable for beginners, and it is also a must-have for film and makeup artists.

B diamond shape, triangular puff - small size, small area of contact with the skin, the side of a small part of the bottom, such as the nasal side, T part, chin.Easy to carry, especially suitable for filming and makeup and bridal makeup services.But the area is small, the bottom time is long, and not easy to be pinched, have certain requirement to the technique, suit to have experienced makeup artist.

Use tips - apply a clean, clean side to your makeup every time you make up, so that you can make up your face and keep it clean.

Use the technique - before using a clean new puff, soak the powder for a period of time and then squeeze it repeatedly with a Dry Towel to keep it moist.The powder is wet to make the foundation tight, paste, transparent.

Cleaning techniques, can put a sponge into the left side of the surface, the surface of the right, in the left, right four parts inside, according to different types of powdery bottom, each use of a part, use after four times to wash clean thoroughly with soap.Sponge absorbed at the time of use because of the water in the foundation and become damp, easy to cause the bacteria multiply, so carefully cleaning is very necessary, can guarantee the safety and health of skin.

The method of maintenance - it's best to keep it in the ventilation area every time you clean it, and let it dry, not directly exposed to the sun.

Remind - if the powder is often cleaned and the skin feels bad and the edges are broken, it's time to change the new sponge.

Powder puff

Color function - will powder, dry powder evenly and lightly on the face, and also can make makeup effect.

Type -- the dry powders on the market are divided into cotton and chemical fiber.

Cotton powder puff - the appliance of a makeup artist.It has a good texture, good touch, strong adsorption ability and easy to make up.

Chemical fiber powder - price is lower, but it is not recommended to use, the guest feels uncomfortable.

There are disassemble and undetachable types according to the form.It is recommended to use disassemble, convenient and sanitary.

Use the tips - just buy back the puff that needs to be cleaned before use, allowing the skin to feel soft and comfortable.The powders should keep the surface hairy, and don't harden them.During the whole process of makeup, you will use a powder puff, so experienced makeup artists will have more than two clean powders for easy replacement.

Cleaning techniques - dry powders are best cleaned every day to ensure cleanliness, which is important to keep your makeup clean.If you lose soft touch when used, wash with soap.After the powder is washed, don't twist it with your hands, wrap it in a towel and dry it thoroughly in the shade.If the powder is dried and become hard, use your hands to knead gently.

Maintenance method - try to install the powder in a box independently, to ensure its cleanliness, not to mix with other makeup products. Makeup SpongePuff Packaging

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