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Baby Bath Gloves

We are convinced that with joint endeavours, the small business between us will bring us mutual benefits. We could assure you products quality and competitive selling price for Animal Bath Gloves,Animal Gloves,bath Gloves,baby bath Gloves,children bath gloves we are able to accomplish voluminous production without compromising upon the quality.
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Various animal bath gloves

Model No. : FR134

Production describtion Variety style animal bath gloves are provided The animal bath gloves with the lovely appearance also have strongly dead skin exfoliating This lovely bath item will be more popular and hope u can enjoy the artificial animal...

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Animal 3D bath gloves

Model No. : FR132

Production describtion 3D animal gloves are attractive style With its enchanting appearance it also have strong dead skin exfoliating Choose ur high quality bath gloves for ur highly convenience Hope u will be fond of the lovely animal gloves...

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Inovative Owl style bath gloves

Model No. : FR119

Production describtion The owl style gloves are innovative Its gradient color will make you feel comely and pretty In addition to beautify the product our favorite animal gloves also can whisk away dead skin and active our blood circulation It is...

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Variety cat style shinning bath gloves

Model No. : FR118

Production describtion Variety colors are provided in our factory The cat style gloves are new here as well In order to content the children s bathing we can provide all kinds animal bath gloves It is so shinning that will make them love the bathing...

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Duck animal gloves bathing massaging item

Model No. : FR117

Production describtion The duck style animal is popular gloves product The lovely animal gloves with cute design will attract children s attention and content their visual bathing Not only to massage our body our durable gloves also can shinning our...

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Bear blue style soft bath gloves

Model No. : FR116

Production describtion Using our soft fizzy gloves to provide lots foams and save the bath soap when bathing Our gloves product are made of smooth eco friendly material which will massage your body skin This body rubbing gloves will help for your...

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Pretty pink style animal bath gloves

Model No. : FR115

Production describtion The lovely pink style gloves can be stiff and anti bacteria Its microfiber material is perfect for our body bathing It can make your body smooth and comfortable which help ease the tension after a long day at work It is very...

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Frog style baby body cleaning bath gloves

Model No. : FR114

Production describtion This body cleaning gloves are so comely for the children Its eco friendly material will make you comfortale and smooth your body skin It can prevent atopic dermatitis and remove sebum skin care Its great elasticity will...

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Delicate swanky bath kids animal gloves

Model No. : FR113

Production describtion The graceful kids gloves are not only for the children it also apply to adult s bathing use Its swanky style will content our visual shower With its foaming material we also can enjoy the benefit shower Choose our gloves...

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Couple style lovely bath gloves

Model No. : FR112

Production describtion This couple style bath gloves are special new product It is designed dor couple s bathroom With its mesh sponge the sponge lovely gloves will provide plenty foams for our comfortable using It is useful for our dead skin...

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New style animal cute bath gloves

Model No. : FR111

Production describtion Our sponge gloves are in different colors shapes and styles According to your needs all kinds gloves are provided and possible The animal cute gloves are very lovely and also benefit our daily bathing Its surface cells skin...

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Favor lovely baby shower bath gloves

Model No. : FR110

Production describtion The favor animal gloves are very massaging for our bathing Variety colors and designs are possible With its exfoliating surface skin cells ability you will have great result after using our durable bath gloves It is your best...

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Blue style animal bath gloves

Model No. : FR109

Production describtion Our bath gloves can make plenty foams with the fluid water In addition to massage our body and smooth our skin it also good at whisking away dead skin deeply The foaming removal bath gloves are good for our daily bathing Hope...

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Pink bee lovely animal bath gloves

Model No. : FR108

Production describtion The smooth microfiber made the best quality bath gloves The comely foam gloves are so attractive that you will enjoy the visual shower Whatsmore it also have great effect on reducing the dead skin In order to have a smooth...

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3D bee style children bath gloves sponge

Model No. : FR107

Production describtion Our bath gloves is best products for bathing The lovely bee style will content our visual feeling so that to achieve the visual bathing The 3D animal style gloves are good at exfoliating dead skin and promoting blood...

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Lovely orange kids bath gloves

Model No. : FR106

Production describtion Massaging gloves in different colors and styles The disney orange gloves can stimulate metabolism action and reduce eczema Its eco friendly material also can provide lots foams With all these abilities it will good for our...

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Pooh style animal children bath gloves

Model No. : FR105

Production describtion The disney style gloves are newest products The pooh animal gloves are made of best microfiber for providing the best gloves products With its great removal ability it will massage our daily bathing and smooth our body as well...

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Cute disney animal bath gloves

Model No. : FR104

Production describtion Our factory is specializing in the production of bath sponge and cleaning sponge This animal bath gloves is widely used in bathing Its high quality material made the best quality product All kinds style and colors are...

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Mickey style lovely bath gloves

Model No. : FR103

Production describtion The mickey mouse style is one of the innovative animal gloves The foam massaging gloves is widely used for rubbing body and exfoliating dead skin cells Its high quality microfiber will make your skin smooth and make you enjoy...

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Disney set animal smooth bath gloves

Model No. : FR102

Production describtion The Disney 3D gloves are suitable for children family The animal sponge gloves are designed for kids bathing Its blood circulation promotion and dead skin removal will comfort ourselves and make our body smooth and soft The...

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Green gradient soft baby bath gloves

Model No. : FR101

Production describtion The green fish style gloves become popular in children s family The exfoliating massaging gloves can refresh our body and whisk away dead skin cells deeply With its rich foams the gloves will do well in our daily bathing...

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China Baby Bath Gloves Suppliers

We are direclty factory to manufacture various Bath Items like Bath Gift Set, Bath Massager, Bath Scrubber set. There are many kinds of colors for you to choose. The soft gloves are made of porous material, have the high water imbibition. Our Sponge Gloves can be used as cleaning items. We also can offer the most competitive prices with good quality to you. Animal Gloves, animal style gloves, animal cute gloves, kids gloves, Animal Bath Gloves, Bath Sponge gloves are available.