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Dish Washing Sponge

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Removal animal soft cleaning cloth

Model No. : YQD207

Production describtion Cleansing animal long sponge is designed for durable removing The long shape animal sponge is very creative and have high removal effect for ur cleaning the kitchen items This high quality sponge will comfort ur stubborn...

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Colorful silver cleaning washing pad

Model No. : YQD206

Production describtion Silver cleaning cloth is crafted style and great for ur kitchen cleaning use The smooth touching sponge have strong stain exfoliating This washing cloth is very durable for ur dishes washing Choose ur durable sponge to achieve...

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Stripe microfiber washing cloth

Model No. : YQD204

Production describtion Highly washing cloth is suitable for dish washing It is easy to take and more convenience to cleaning This strongly exfoliating sponge is artificial and for handle use It is very comfortable and effective for stains removal as...

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Massage goodly microfiber handle sponge

Model No. : YQD199

Production describtion Our factory is widely providing kitchenware cleaning sponge and dish washing sponge This style dish washing sponge have great effect on removing stubborn stains With its high quality ability it will do well in our kitchen...

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Artificial handle fiber cleaning sponge

Model No. : YQD200

Production describtion Kitchenware cleaning sponge dishware washing sponge showed in the pictures are provided This sponge with cloth is widely used in cleaning The massaging sponge can achieve the great stains stubborn removal It is so practical...

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Goodly cleaning microfiber handle sponge

Model No. : YQD198

Production describtion Washing cloth is more convenience due to its easily deformation The sponge with the microfiber cloth can goodly cleaning kitchenware This artificial handle sponge is heavy duty and will achieve the effective removal Production...

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Handle microfiber cleaning sponge cloth

Model No. : YQD197

Production describtion Microfieber cloth is comfortable for cleaning The combination of the microfiber and the sponge can achieve the double cleaning effect This handle sponge can convenient ur cleaning time and have great effect Hope u will get...

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Microfiber foam smooth cleaning sponge

Model No. : YQD196

Production describtion New style microfiber sponge is innovative product The handle microfiber sponge is very useful for hand use cleaning and have strong decontainating This durable handle sponge become popular and will comfort ur cleaning as well...

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Smooth sightly washing kitchen sponge

Model No. : YQD186

Production describtion Fizzy foam cleaning cloth is artificial and have great effect on exfoliating stubborn stains The high quality removal pad is smooth for ur skin and smooth yourself The strongly cleaning sponge can convenience ur cleaning time...

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Basic white absorbent cleaning cloth

Model No. : YQD188

Production describtion Basic cleaning cloth is heavy duty and helpful for cleaning the kitchenware The soft foam sponge will suitable for all ur kitchen cleaning use and achieve the great effect The helpful removal sponge is the best choice for ur...

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Golden silver washing dished sponge pad

Model No. : YQD184

Production describtion Golden silver cleaning cloth is popular as well The exfoliating kitchen cloth is widely used in dishes washing and plates cleaning The special cleaning pad will content ur effective cleaning and achieve the massaging cleaning...

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Stripe pretty dishes washing cloth

Model No. : YQD187

Production describtion Stripe gradient washing cloth is provided The charming pretty sponge is widely used in cleaning the dishes plates pans etc The great removal sponge will smooth your hands and provided for all kinds colors Production photos...

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Squishy soft cleaning dishes sponge

Model No. : YQD185

Production describtion High quality cleaning cloth have great water absorption and strong stains removal which have great effect on cleaning the kitchenware This kitchen cleaning pad is convenient to take and use It also take up less space for more...

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Swanky dish washing cloth sponge

Model No. : YQD183

Production describtion Our factory specially produce the sponge products Dish washing cloth and washing sponge are possible The high quality pad will content ur convenience cleaning and made great effect This smooth cleaning sponge will achieve the...

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Smooth washing dishes sponge cleaner

Model No. : YQD146

Production describtion Kitchenware cleaning sponge dishware washing sponge are provided This sponge pad is widely good at cleaning Our massaging sponge cloth have great effect on removing stubborn stains It is so practical that you may enjoy the...

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Dishes washing exfoliating sponge cloth

Model No. : YQD145

Production describtion Our factory is widely providing the kitchen cleaning sponge dish washing sponge This dish washing cloth have great effect on removing stubborn stains With its high quality ability it will do well in our kitchen washing...

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Washing pad wholesale cleaning item

Model No. : YQD115

Production describtion The washing exfoliating sponge is designed for kitchenware cleaning It is so effective that you can enjoy the helpful cleaning dish cloth It is the best tools for you to washing Choose the Wholesale Washing Pad and have great...

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Variety waves dish washing sponge

Model No. : YQD109

Production describtion The washing exfoliating pad is helpful for cleaning the kitchen items The cleaning cloth can remove the stubborn stains and do help for washing dish It is the best choice for you to enjoy the kitchen cleaning Production photos...

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exfoliating washing dish sponge pad

Model No. : YQD108

Production describtion The waves dish washing sponge are provided for all kinds colors shapes and size The magic washing sponge is designed for dish washing With its high quality material our sponge have great decontaminating for cleaning the dish...

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Waves style cleaning dishes sponge cloth

Model No. : YQD103

Production describtion The waves cleaning sponge with high quality material Our washing sponge is so magic that have great decontaminating for cleaning the dishes Hope you will choose our magic production and have good result Production photos...

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United shape dish washing style sponge

Model No. : YQD102

Production describtion Our production is made of high quality material Using the washing cloth can help you cleaning the kitchen dishes With the good quality and soft touching you will enjoy the smooth washing and choose our production Production...

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China Dish Washing Sponge Suppliers

This sponge is designed for dishes washing and cleaning. It is useful for all kinds dishware and kitchenware. Our sponge is useful for removing the stubborn stains. It not only not damage your skin, but also kind to your hands. Choose our factory's production and have great result. We will provide high quality sponge and compitition price for you.

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