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Golden Silver Cleaning Sponge

Sincerely look for Golden Silver Cleaning Sponge,Silver Cleaning Sponge,Kitchen Sponge Cleaner,Golden Sponge We welcome you to definitely stop by our manufacturing facility and sit up for creating pleasant organization relationships with clients in your own home and overseas while in the in the vicinity of long term.
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Durable sponge silver kitchen cleaner

Model No. : YQD221

Production describtion Silver cleaning sponge is very comfortbel and can exfoliate the stubborn stains This durable sponge can smooth ur cleaning use and have strong decontaminating Choose our heavy duty sponge to make great convenience Production...

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Lightly sponge silver kitchen cleaner

Model No. : YQD224

Production describtion Shiny cleaning sponge is one of the wholesale kitchen item The high quality cleaning sponge is designed for exfoliating the stubborn stains This absorbent sponge will kind to ur hands and cleaning the kitchenware effectivly...

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Crafted wholesale cleaning kitchenware sponge

Model No. : YQD225

Production describtion Silver sponge cleaning item is very high density style and strongly exfoliating effect The crafted kitchen sponge is very absorbent and good for removing the stubborn stains Using this grouting sponge for make a beautiful...

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Fizzy cleaning sponge kitchen item

Model No. : YQD226

Production describtion The silver golden style is very popular and wholesale It is popular in kitchenware cleaning and durable for exfoliating the stubborn stains This multipurpose sponge is very heavy duty and will comfort ur cleaning use...

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Smooth square silver sponge cleaning

Model No. : YQD222

Production describtion The silver washing sponge is helpful for cleaning the kitchenware It is heavy duty and great for removing the stubborn stains Choose the crafted sponge cleaner to make more massaging This blotting sponge will comfort ur daily...

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Long style silver cleaning sponge

Model No. : YQD219

Production describtion This foaming cleaning sponge can exfoliate the stubborn stains and massage ur hand as well The highly removal sponge is good for ur daily cleaning use Using the foaming sponge to make more comfortable This soft handfeeling...

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Strong removing kitchen colored sponge

Model No. : YQD218

Production describtion Strongly removal cleaning sponge have great removing effect It is great for exfoliating the stubborn stains Using this silver sponge cleaner to make more comfortabel and cleaning the kitchenware effectivly It is the best...

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Cleaning stripe sponge kitchenware item

Model No. : YQD220

Production describtion As kitchen cleaning supplies this long type silver sponge is good for cleaning the stubborn stains and have strongly removal It is designed for ur kitchenware cleaning and can smooth ur skin Production photos Products use...

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Foam cleaning kitchen use wholesale sponge

Model No. : YQD182

Production describtion Seaweed charming cleaning sponge especially works well on kitchenware washing Its strong absorption is kind to your hands and can massage your skin It is so crafted that will achieve the convenience cleaning and content your...

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Conducive multicolor convenience cleaning sponge

Model No. : YQD181

Production describtion Magic cleaning sponge is very pretty and can massage your washing skin The multipurpose kitchen sponge can do help for ur dishes washing and cleaning The exfoliating high quality sponge will comfort ur cleaning and feel more...

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Colored comely exfoliate cleaning sponge

Model No. : YQD180

Production describtion Graceful stripe style sponge is designed for kitchenware cleaning It is widely used in dishes washing plates cleaning pots cleaning etc The convenience sightly sponge is so attractive that will content ur visual as well...

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Heavy duty attractive stunning cleaning sponge

Model No. : YQD179

Production describtion Massage washing kitchen sponge is made of high quality steel wire and smooth sponge This combination of these can achieve the double removing effect The luxury sponge cleaning is suitable for ur daily cleaning use and content...

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Kindly fizzy cleaning kitchen silver sponge

Model No. : YQD177

Production describtion Seaweed stripe cleaning sponge is designed for cleeaning the kitchen stains It is durable for your dishes washing and have great influence The convenience cleaning sponge is sutable for all your kitchenware cleaning Enjoy the...

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Smooth basic golden silver washing sponge

Model No. : YQD178

Production describtion Golden silver kitchen sponge become popular in kitchen cleaning use The foaming high quality sponge is widely used in dish washing Its heavy duty will content your effective cleaning This convenience washing sponge is special...

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Sightly Soft cleaning kitchen sponge

Model No. : YQD176

Production describtion Soft charming kitchen sponge is multicolor and attract your attention on cleaning The pretty cleaning sponge have delicate exfoliating and strong removal which made your cleaning easier It is so effective that will content...

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Goodly Foam loofah kitchen washing sponge

Model No. : YQD175

Production describtion Sightly loofah cleaning sponge is convenient for exfoliating the stains and effectivly cleaning kitchenware The high quality scrubber sponge is heavy duty and have great effect on your dishes washing Production photos Products...

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Golden shinning silver kitchenware sponge

Model No. : YQD174

Production describtion Artificial silver cleaning sponge is high quality cleaning item The loofah absorbent cleaning sponge works well on removing the stubborn stains and make great effect The delicate golden cleaning sponge is kind to your kitchen...

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Charming silver cleaning sponge

Model No. : YQD173

Production describtion Charming shine cleaning sponge is very attractive and have great absorption The heavy duty kitchen sponge is practical and can massage your hand The effective cleaning sponge will make great result Production photos Products...

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Squishy alluring absorbent cleaning sponge

Model No. : YQD172

Production describtion Sightly loofah sponge cleaning is multipurpose and have great effect on exfoliating stains The conducive favor sponge is durable for kitchenware cleaning This effective cleaning sponge is comfort for cleaning and washing Enjoy...

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Silver smooth loofah washing sponge

Model No. : YQD171

Production describtion Golden silver artificial sponge is luxury for your cleaning It is kind to your hands and have strong removal Choose the heavy duty cleaning sponge and achieve the practical kitchenware removal Feel more convenience about this...

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Multipurpose conducive silver kitchen sponge

Model No. : YQD170

Production describtion Kitchen sponge cleaner is greatly used in kitchenware cleaning The smooth sponge is helpful for removing the stains and have great effect The artificial sponge can convenient your cleaning life and massage your skin as well...

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China Golden Silver Cleaning Sponge Suppliers

The united color as the kitchen cleaning supplies, is useful for cleaning kitchen items. Use the Scouring Pad with cleaning fluid can remove stubborn stains, used to clean and wash the dishes. It absolutely not damage the surface, durable, is the new generation of clean appliance. As kitchen cleaning supplies, It is very useful and have great effect. In addition to remove the stubborn stains, but also not damage the skin and kind to your hands.

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