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Baby Bath Sponge

Our company eagerly looks for Animal Bath Sponge,Animal Mesh Bath Sponge,Animal Cute Bath Sponge,Baby Bath Sponge we assure you of our best attention at all times.
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Animal mesh attract bath ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-569

Production describtion Animal attract mesh ball can content children s needs It is very special and artificial that also can exfoliating the dead skin cells The massaging mesh sponge is so foaming can will get great result Feel it comfortable about...

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Innovative little animal bath ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-536

Production describtion New style little bath ball is very lovely The sightly sponge ball have strong exfoliating ability With its high quality removal u will enjoy the massage sponge for ur great shower It is the best choice for u and can get great...

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Smooth new animal bath ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-535

Production describtion All kinds animal with different colors bath ball is provided showed on the pictures This aniaml lovely sponge ball can massage ur skin Multifunctional bath ball as our household product it will cleanse ur skin and have great...

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Lively animal crafted bath ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-534

Production describtion Different animal style bath ball is ur practical bath item The smooth bath sponge is designed for all children use and have great attraction With its high water absorption it also can convenient ur skin cleansing as well...

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Animal squishy mesh sponge ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-512

Production describtion All kinds animal with mesh sponge is also popular which can attract children s attention This innovative animal sponge ball have good handfeeling and can massage ur body skin Using the comely sponge ball is suitable for all ur...

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Animal basic absorbent mesh bath ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-354

Production describtion Sightly and squishy the smooth attractive is interesting for children s bathing This household product also can massage your body skin and make great effect on exfoliating the surface dead skin Production photos Products use...

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Absorbent mesh toys bath sponge ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-259

Production describtion The fruit mesh bath ball is lovely style sponge The stunning is very attractive for our bathing and can smooth our body The smooth sponge ball will smooth our body cleaning It can exfoliate our surface skin and massage the...

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Massage charming rabbit mesh bath ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-258

Production describtion This squishy comely rabbit style is very lovely for us The sightly special bath ball especially can attract children s attention It is high quality mesh sponge and convenience daily accessories It will help for our effective...

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Enchanting apple lovely mesh bath ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-257

Production describtion This charming mesh new sponge ball is innovative sponge ball The massage sponge ball is absorbent for our body bathing The multifunctional body cleaning is so smooth and can convenient our daily bathing Production photos...

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Flog attractive goodly mesh bath ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-256

Production describtion The comely mesh ball is pretty for children s using The graceful absorbent sponge ball have exfoliate dead skin cells and smooth our body skin The comely ball will make more foams and effect for our body cleaning Production...

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Alluring color animal mesh bath ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-255

Production describtion The animal mesh sponge is smooth and good handfeeling The enchanting mesh bath ball is very attractive and effective for our body cleaning This conducive bath ball can massage our body skin with its high quality material...

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Duck style with mesh bathing ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-254

Production describtion This innovative style sponge is suitable for children s cleaning The comfortable mesh sponge is very delicate bath style The high quality sponge will good for our dead skin cells removal Choose the lovely animal sponge can...

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Strawberry mesh foaming bath ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-253

Production describtion This animal bath ball is consist of strawberry style toys and mesh sponge The foaming smooth sponge is very sightly for us and can help for our massaging bathing The comfortable sponge can exfoliate dead skin cells and cleans...

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Green apple favor lovely bath ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-252

Production describtion All kinds style fruit sponge is available The delicate mesh sponge is household products and can convenient our bathing time The absorbent mesh will give more foam and can smooth our body skin Production photos

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Pineapple charming mesh fruit bath ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-251

Production describtion The fruit bath sponge is conducive for our bathing The pineapple style is very pretty and can convenient our bath time The high quality mesh sponge can exfoliate dead skin cells and massage our body skin Production photos

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Animal fizzy attractive bath sponge

Model No. : LINGLONG-199

Production describtion The lovely mesh animal sponge is crafted product The animal style is very cute for us which is designed for children It is advantageous to foam and absorpte water With all these helpful abilities it is good for our convenience...

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Animal sightly mesh sponge ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-193

Production describtion All kins animal mesh balls are provided for you to choose The lovely animal sponge looks cute and pretty which is ideal for children The mixture of the toy animal and mesh sponge is very attract their attention Production...

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Little yellow duck mesh bath ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-177

Production describtion The yellow duck bath ball looks so absorbent It also good at making lots foam and removing the dead skin It is so lovely that you may choose this kind sponge ball Feel more convenience to use Enjoy this mesh animal bath sponge...

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lovely rabbit style mesh sponge ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-176

Production describtion The lovely foam sponge ball is widely used in bathing The cartoon bath ball is useful for our skin revitalizing and body cleaning The helpful bath sponge can content our visual needs and practical using Production photos...

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Pink rabbit mesh sponge bath ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-175

Production describtion In addition to use for comfortable bathing the rabbit cartoon bath ball can be an animal toy for children as well The innovate style will content your daily bathing needs Hope you can enjoy the mesh lovely bath sponge Feel...

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Foam animal lovely cartoon sponge ball

Model No. : LINGLONG-174

Production describtion The combination of the mesh sponge and cartoon toy makes the sponge more pretty The attractive bath ball is designed for children It is advantageous to foam and absorpte water With all these abilities it can help for...

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China Baby Bath Sponge Suppliers
The cartoon animal bath ball, mesh animal bath ball, animal mesh sponge, Baby Bath Sponge, Animal Bath Sponge is designed for children. The cute image may attract children`s attention, so that they may want to shower actively. Feel it comfortable and convenience to use and have a good effect. Hope you can enjoy this mesh foam Bath Sponge. Its cute design can attract our attention. It can be an animal toy, can be bath sponge, too. The combination of mesh sponge and toy animal, will increase the aesthetics of the product. Hope you can enjoy this innovative style and feel more convenience.