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Sponge Scouring Pad

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heavy duty household sponges cleaning Kitchen Sponge Holder

Production describtion Kitchen Sponge Holder is heavy duty for kitchen cleaning The scheap kitchen sponge is designed for smooth kitchen cleaning Our great cleaning sponge have strong decontaminating and effective for ur smooth cleaning Choose ur...

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dishes washing kitchen sponge holder scrubber pad

Production describtion Our factory is good at providing Dishes Washing Sponge and mesh bath washing products The scouring pad sponge for kitchen cleaning is great effect for us and have strong decontaminating Using our Cleaning Scrub Sponge to get...

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best cleaning sponge dishwashing pads sponge holder

Production describtion Best cleaning sponge is one of the hot selling kitchen cleaning items The best sponge holder with high quality have strong decontaminating for kitchen cleaning effectivly Our factory is good at providing kitchen cleaning...

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dish washing scrubber sponge kitchen scourer

Production describtion Heavy duty cleaning sponge are provided for variety colors The Dish Washing Cleaner is so effevtive and can make u smooth as well It is very comfortable beautiful convenient and useful Feel more comfortable about our Kitchen...

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8 shape scouring cleaning sponge pad

Model No. : YQD227

Production describtion 8 shape cleaning sponge is durable for cleaning kitchenware The scouring sponge is basic style sponge and can smooth ur hands This bubble scourer sponge have soft touching for washing dishes and making great effect Production...

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best filter wash cleaner cleaning sponge in dishwasher

Model No. : YQD217

Production describtion Sponge wash cleaner is provided for variety shape and have great removal This best sponge filter is smooth and have good handfeeling Using the removal sponge for ur great cleaning sponge in dishwasher Feel more convenience and...

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yellow kitchen cleaning sponge cleaner with handle

Model No. : YQD216

Production describtion Yellow kitchen sponge is provided The cleaning sponge with handle is heavy duty and can remove the stubborn stains effectivly This household sponges cleaner can smooth ur hand and foaming greatly as for its high absorbent...

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Smooth kitchen scouring sponge cleaning

Model No. : YQD213

Production describtion This waist type cleaning sponge is one of the wholesale item as well The strong removing sponge with various colors have strong decontaminating and will cleaning the kitchenware strongly Using the sponge scouing pad to make...

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Colored scouring sponge kitchen cleaning

Model No. : YQD212

Production describtion As kitchen cleaning items this cleaning sponge is good handfeeling with its united shape In addition to provide various shape it also have strong removal for cleaning the kitchenware This heavy duty sponge scourer will make...

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Heavy duty scouring sponge kitchen item

Model No. : YQD211

Production describtion Cleaning sponge with filter sponge is one of the wholesale item This cleaning sponge is ideal for kitchenware cleaning and have great effect of cleaning the dishes pans pots etc This strongly sponge can comfort ur cleaning use...

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Soft cleaning scourer sponge washing item

Model No. : YQD210

Production describtion Scouring pad sponge is wholesale kitchen cleaning item and have strong removal Our heavy duty scouring sponge can cleaning the kitchenware effectivly It is ur best choice for ur kitchen cleaning use It will provide lots foam...

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Large green scouring pad sponge

Model No. : YQD209

Production describtion Basic green scouring sponge have strong decontaminating and can cleaning kitchen item effectivly The highly removal sponge will smooth ur skin and greatly cleaning ur kitchen Using this greatly sponge scourer to make more...

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Basic green scouring sponge cleaning

Model No. : YQD208

Production describtion This green scouring sponge is ideal for kitchen cleaning use and have strong cleaning removal It is very heavy duty and useful for dishes cleaning Using ur washing sponge and make more convenience Production photos Products...

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Wholesale Kitchen Sponge scouring dish sponge with handle

Model No. : YQD205

Production describtion Scouring sponge cloth is one of the wholesale cleaning sponge This dish sponge with handle is designed for removing the stains Wholesale Kitchen Sponge have strong heavy duty and will make great comfortable Production photos...

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abrasive cleaning dish sponge holder sponge filter cleaner

Model No. : YQD203

Production describtion Abrasive sponge cleaning showed in the pictures are possible The strongly removal dish sponge holder is designed for cleaning the stubborn stains This sponge filter cleaner can comfort ur skin as well Feel it comfortable and...

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foam filter cleaning washing scrub sponge material

Model No. : YQD202

Production describtion Cleaning sponge material is soft fizzy style and have strong stubborn stains removal Foam filter cleaning is very effective and can smooth ur cleaning skin as well Choose the Silver washing scrub sponge for YOUR great cleaning...

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sponge wash scourer Cleaning Sponge Scrubber Cleaning

Model No. : YQD201

Production describtion sponge wash scourer is designed for kitchenware cleaning This scourer cleaning sponge also effective for removing the stubborn stains With its highly water absorption Sponge Scrubber Cleaning can make more comfortable and have...

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creative Kitchen Washing Sponge wash item

Model No. : YQD195

Production describtion Creative kitchen sponge with microfiber become popular The combination of the microfiber and kitchen sponge wash can achieve the double cleaning effect Kitchen Washing Sponge is helpful for cleaning the dishes plates pans etc...

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sponge filter cleaning washing kitchen dish scrubber

Model No. : YQD193

Production describtion Sponge filter cleaning with mesh sponge can achieve the double effect on cleaning kitchenware Washing kitchen sponge is designed for dish washing and kitchenware cleaning With its highly absorption kitchen dish scrubber is...

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best dishwashing household cleaning sponge holder

Model No. : YQD194

Production describtion Best dishwashing sponge is very effective for ur kitchen cleaning use The cleaning sponge holder is heavy duty style and can remove stains strongle The household cleaning sponges will comfort ur kitchen cleaning and also kind...

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kitchen sponge cleaning dish water filter sponge

Model No. : YQD191

Production describtion This sponge scouring pad is made from PU Polyester material The kitchen sponge dish have strong stubborn stains and can remove them strongly This water filter sponge will suitable for ur kitchen cleaning and hope u will get...

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China Sponge Scouring Pad Suppliers
The Pot dish bowl rinsing kitchen cleaning pad sponge with Scouring Pad is a good cleaning helper in kitchenware cleaning. Usually It is used for cleaning the dirt and filth or food remain from dishes and bowls or other kitchen utensils. The scouring pad poses no harm to human skin and can be used for many times in cleaning until it is worn out by filth or heavy oil. Please remember to squeeze the water out and keep it dry when don't use it.