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Our organization sticks for the principle of "Quality will be the life of your business, and name may be the soul of it" for Hand Towel,Dry Towel,Hand Use Towel,Soft Dry Towel,Hand Towel,Soft Towel We put genuine and health as the primary responsibility. Now we have a professional international trade crew which graduated from America. We've been your next enterprise partner.
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Artificial best hand dry towel wholesale

Model No. : YQA267

Production describtion The conducive hand towel is smooth for us and so pretty as decoration of your bathroom The multipurpose towel is especially works well on hand drying Using the wholesale delicate hand towel and get great result Production...

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Comfortable elegant hand drying towel

Model No. : YQA266

Production describtion Using the high quality microfiber material to make the best hand dry towel The strong water absorption can make your hand dry faster It is the best choice for your household daily product It is so delicate for us and feel more...

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Stunning absorbent hand dry towel

Model No. : YQA265

Production describtion The soft stunning towel is sightly and effective Using the hand towel for drying your hand will made great effect It is very favorite too Customized colors and designs are available Choose our comely towel item and feel more...

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Favor attractive high quality hand towel

Model No. : YQA264

Production describtion This durable luxury towel is so special which have elegant dress design The absorbent towel can have great effect on drying our hands It is so effective that you will enjoy the massage towel item Its high quality material will...

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New design hand dry towel dress style

Model No. : YQA263

Production describtion There are all kinds designs and colors for you This beautiful hand towel is with smooth touching and soft handfeeling Using the exfoliating pretty towel will content your visual and massage you skin body Production photos

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Delicate alluring hand dry towel

Model No. : YQA258

Production describtion The soft dry towel is made of high quality microfiber which especially works well on drying our hand It is effective for our daily use and very attractive for decorating your bathroom It is the best choice for your family and...

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Saucy Bowknot hand dry towel

Model No. : YQA257

Production describtion The saucy hand towel with double absorption ability which have great effect on drying our wet hand The effective towel is made of smooth microfiber It will content your daily needs and get great result Choose our products and...

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Enchanting microfiber hand use towel

Model No. : YQA259

Production describtion This soft towel is so comfortable that you will feel more comfortable The comely dress design can attract your attention and feel more favorite It is effective for drying hands quickly and get great result It is the best...

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White beautiful dress hand dry towel

Model No. : YQA261

Production describtion The new style hand towel is very charming for us The dress beautiful style can let our bathroom more favorite The best quality towel can absort water strongly The absorbent pretty towel will content our drying needs and...

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Elegant purple dress style hand dry towel

Model No. : YQA262

Production describtion The dress design hand towel is works well on drying our hands quickly Its beautiful design can decorate your bathroom It is very soft for your using and can massage your skin as well Choose our best quality products and feel...

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Saucy massage hand drying durable towel

Model No. : YQA256

Production describtion This kind towel is especially works well on drying our hand It is amazingly soft and can massaging our hand as well Its super absorption can help for our hand drying effective Choose our microfiber dry towel and feel more...

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Comely pink innovative hand fast dry towel

Model No. : YQA255

Production describtion The comely pink towel is comfortable for us and easy to use The sightly style also have great effect on drying our hand It is the best choice for your hand drying It have soft touch extremely and green healthy which can get...

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Conducive drying hand use towel

Model No. : YQA254

Production describtion This hand dry towel is designed for hanging in the bathroom which can be decoration of your bathroom It is easy for us and convenience to use Its microfiber material is more durable than the cotton cloth Choose our great dry...

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Microfiber smooth hand use wholesale towel

Model No. : YQA253

Production describtion The comfortable hand towel is easy to use and have great effect The microfiber style have super water absorption which can dry our hand effective And all the colors are available It is best choice for you and enjoy the smooth...

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Favor sightly high quality hand towel

Model No. : YQA252

Production describtion Its super smooth microfiber material have great influence The soft hand dry towel become popular in every family It is useful for dry hand fast after washing your hand With the effective microfiber the convenient towel can let...

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Special hand use effective dry towel

Model No. : YQA251

Production describtion The useful hand towel is our innovative style towel It is durable for our daily hand drying It can absorpte water goodly which made great effectt on drying our hand The practical hand towel is attractive and effective for our...

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Clothes style absorbent hand use towel

Model No. : YQA250

Production describtion This lovely style is innovative The microfiber towel is widely used for drying our hand With its good absorption and smooth material it have great effect and get more convenienve for us Using our comfortable dry towel can get...

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Exfoliating goodly hand use towel

Model No. : YQA249

Production describtion The bowknot style swanky towel is designed for our hand drying It is easy to wash without detergent With its good quality it can dry our wet hand quickly It is such a charming wondrous product that you will enjoy the massaging...

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High absorption delicate hand towel

Model No. : YQA248

Production describtion Our microfiber towel can absorpte water strongly It is helpful for drying our hand quickly And the comely hand towel have no bad smell and no germ even in wet condition It is very comfortable for us and hope you can enjoy it...

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High Quality pretty hand dry towel

Model No. : YQA247

Production describtion Our dry towel is made of strong water absorption microfiber material It have great convenience for drying our hand The smooth dry towel have soft touching and good hand feeling which will comfort you and massaging your skin as...

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Bowknot comely conducive hand dry use towel

Model No. : YQA245

Production describtion The hand use towel is very lovely that can provide you great convenience after washing your hand Also it is made from microfiber which is one of the currently most popular fabric Using the strong absorption towel will get...

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China Hand Towel Suppliers
This hand Dry Towel is our newest microfiber product. This quickly dry towel is designed for drying your hands after washing them. It have stong water absorption, so that have great effect. It is the best choice for your hand drying. The high absorption will let your hand dry quickly and practical. Using the dry smooth towel can massage our hands as well. It is so durable that you will get great result. Hope you will enjoy the smooth Hand Towel.