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Bath Sponge

With reliable quality process, good reputation and perfect customer service, the series of products produced by our company are exported to many countries and regions for Bath Sponge, Body Wash Sponge, Seaweed Bath Sponge, Durable Bath Sponge, Body Sponge, Seaweed Sponge Our intention is to assist clients understand their ambitions. We are earning wonderful attempts to realize this win-win predicament and sincerely welcome you to be a part of us.
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bath sponge massager scrubber shower apecies

Model No. : YQA339

Production describtion Seaweed bath sponge massager for ur daily shower use The loofah bath sponge species with fizzy absorbent have strong removal for smooth ur body Enjoy the exo friendly bath sponge scrubber to make more convenience Production...

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Seaweed colorful bath sponge

Model No. : YQA337

Production describtion Seaweed colorful sponge is designed for bath use The cleansing bath sponge is very smooth ur skin cells Soft fizzy sponge to soft ur body and make great massaging U will get great convenience and foaming effectivly Production...

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Durable bath sponge with microfiber cloth

Model No. : YQA338

Production describtion Microfiber cloth with bath sponge is new style bath item This smooth durable sponge have double cleansing effect and can make more bubble for foaming It is soft touching style sponge for whisking away the dead skin Production...

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Multilayer colored sponge bath item

Model No. : YQA336

Production describtion Multilayer colorful sponge is shinning style and have strong effect The disponsable cleaning sponge have great cleansing and superior smooth ur skin It is strong massaging sponge for convenience ur shower time Production...

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Flower shape 3D bath sponge

Model No. : YQA333

Production describtion Flower shape 3D sponge is widely used for bathing use This style sponge is very elegant and high quality In addition to achieve the beautiful appearance the smooth cleansing sponge also can exfoliating dead skin cells...

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Variety animal bath sponge

Model No. : YQA332

Production describtion Variety animal bath sponge is more attractive The heavy duty sponge is designed for cleansing the dead skin It is the best choice for ur skin exfoliating massaging and achieve children s attractive Feel more convenience about...

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Colorful mesh bath sponge

Model No. : YQA325

Production describtion Variety colors bath sponge showed in the picture is provided This bath sponge with mesh material have double foaming effect and can remove surface dead skin effectivly Our bath sponge is so durable that u will enjoy the smooth...

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Tree style bath sponge

Model No. : YQA324

Production describtion Tree shape sponge is designed for bathing This style bath sponge is suitable for bathing and have great effect on dead skin exfoliating The 3D PU sponge have great absorption for ur great foaming bath Enjoy the comely smooth...

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New style 3D bath sponge

Model No. : YQA319

Production describtion United animal bath sponge is one of our artificial products The enchanting bath sponge is PU material and have strong dead skin exfoliating This practical sponge is very effective and will convenient ur daily bath Production...

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Gradient color fish style bath sponge

Model No. : YQA321

Production describtion Gradient fish style is artificial This animal bath sponge is very convenience and have strong removing The highly absorption sponge will comfort ur bath time and have great effect on massaging ur body skin Production photos...

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Lively fish style bath sponge

Model No. : YQA323

Production describtion 3D fish style sponge is very lovely This 3D bath sponge can be suitable for family bath use especially the children s using Choose the absorbent bath sponge for ur great convenience Feel it comfortable and hope u can get great...

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Newest animal shape bath sponge

Model No. : YQA322

Production describtion All kinds animal shape bath sponge is attractive Also all kinds colors are provided This massage sponge is designed for our daily bath use and have great removing effect Using our animal bath sponge and convenient ur bath time...

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Bee 3D style bath sponge

Model No. : YQA320

Production describtion Graceful color with 3D bee style is suitable for ur daily bath This crafted bath sponge have strong absorption and can cleansing ur skin effectivly The strongly bath sponge can smooth ur body and hope u will get great result...

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Sightly PU bath sponge

Model No. : YQA318

Production describtion This gear circle bath sponge is provided The gradient color also made more attraction which can be suitable for all ur different reqiurements It is very comely that u will enjoy the artificial massaging bath sponge Production...

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3D children animal bath sponge

Model No. : YQA317

Production describtion This bath sponge is 3D animal style which will attract children s attention and have great effect on cleansing ur skin The smooth special sponge have strong dead skin removal and will get great result Production photos...

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Little style seaweed bath sponge

Model No. : YQA316

Production describtion Circle seaweed bath sponge showed in the pictures is designed for bath use It is little style and suitable for children s bath use The lively attractive bath sponge can comfort child s shower time and made great convenience...

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Frog 3D style bath sponge

Model No. : YQA315

Production describtion United 3D style bath sponge is provided Crafted bath sponge are all suitable family bath use which also have great effect It is strongly effective for cleansing ur body and promoting blood circulation Feel more comfortable...

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3D fruit style bath sponge

Model No. : YQA314

Production describtion Fruit style bath sponge is one of the special item of our factory The united 3D style also can comfort ur daily shower with strong absorbent It is such a highly removing product that u will get more convenience Production...

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Gradient colors fish style bath sponge

Model No. : YQA313

Production describtion Fish 3D bath sponge with gradient colors is designed for ur daily bath use The heavy duty bath sponge is suitable for cleansing the body skin It is so effective and have strong absorption which its absorbent will convenient ur...

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Saucy crafted PU bath sponge

Model No. : YQA311

Production describtion This seaweed bath sponge ia crafted sponge Our foam sponge ball is soft handfeeling and have good exfoliating effect The alluring sponge is suitable for ur shower and have great absorption Enjoy the bath sponge and get more...

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Flower fizzy bath sponge

Model No. : YQA312

Production describtion Flower shape bath sponge is 3D style and so enchanting for us Our sponge all made of good PU material which can cleanse ur skin effectivly This durable bath sponge is suitable for all ur family bath use and hope u will have...

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Bath Sponge is a kind of body washing product which is maken by PU. It can massage your body. We can make different Seaweed Bath Sponge, Durable Bath Sponge or other material such as polyester, non-woven fabrics, plastic / wooden handle and etc. As a factory with near 10 decades experience, FENGRUN COMMODITY CO.,LTD is majored in consistantly providing its OEM & ODM service of designing & manufacturing various cleanse products in different styles and colors.