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How do you use the bath towel?

Rubbing towel can help us in the bath to wash clean body on the dirty things, but if you use inappropriate can bring considerable damage to the skin, the following by the rich bath ball small make up for everybody to introduce rubbing towel the correct use of the method and the matters needing attention.

1. Usage:

Choose a suitable rubbing towel.Have users first use rubbing towel can feel the pain, is the cause of the improper selection, rubbing towel has a lot of kinds, has the branch of coarse grain and fine grain, suggest to buy fine rubbing towel, coarse grain of high friction.Identification method: purchase the hand touch, or purchase two or more of the trial.

2. Soak the washcloth with hot water and let the body shower for five minutes in hot water.

3, put a wet towel on the palm of the hand, and put on the shower gel, gently wipe the whole body.

4. After rubbing, rinse with water.

5. According to the actual cleaning effect, the need can be repeated 1-2 times.

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